How do the Boston reality fads stack up? Reply

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Ariana St. Pierre – Arts and Entertainment Editor

In the recent months, it has become a fad to have reality shows based in Boston. With a string of reality television programs like “Wicked Single,” “Southie Rules,” and “Boston’s Finest,” the Boston reality show genre has been hard to ignore. While “Wicked Single” and “Southie Rules” are terrible and make Boston citizens look utterly ridiculous, there has been one gem to come out of this reality trash heap, and that is “Boston’s Finest.”

“Wicked Single” premiered on March 17 on VH1. The series follows six young Bostonians: Rachel, Chubs, Nikki, Joe, Chelsi, and Chrissy. The idea of the show is to have the cast partake in drunken debauchery and to make fools of themselves.

The motto being: “Growing up is hard to do when you are Wicked Single…they’re loud, they’re real, and they’re ready to party!” One can tell right away the amount of class and intelligence in this series is going to be at a bare minimum. “Wicked Single” is the “Jersey Shore” with northeast accents and lower IQ’s.

A&E’s “Southie Rules” premiered on January 29 and had the potential to be a decent reality show, but unfortunately fell through quickly. The premise of the series is a documentary approach of viewing a South Boston family. It is a nice concept to see how a South Boston family with ten family members preserves their way of life while only three of them actually have jobs. Sadly, it is poorly scripted and enacted. One particular episode had one of the son’s stripping in order to pay a bill and his mother conveniently walks in right as he drops his trousers. With ridiculous scripted scenarios such as these, the show can be almost painful to watch.

The diamond in the rough of the Boston reality shows is TNT’s “Boston’s Finest,” which premiered on February 27. Produced by Boston’s own Donnie Wahlberg, the unscripted series is an ode to the police officers who patrol and protect some of roughest neighborhoods in Boston. It is genuine and its originality floats to the surface in a sea of reality garbage.

The series chronicles the work of the officers in some of Boston’s many police departments such as the Gang Unit, the Fugitive Unit, and Patrol. The officers are real and “Boston’s Finest” shows the many challenges they face on a daily basis to protect the streets of their city. It is filmed like a documentary and is very well put together. It sheds some light in some of the darkest areas of Boston. “Boston’s Finest” is a reality masterpiece that future reality shows should aspire to emulate.

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