The perfect refreshing summer drink Reply


Brianna Robbins & Kaitlyn Quinn – 1851 Staff

Brianna and Kaitlyn ventured out to experiment at three different coffee shops near Lasell: McDonald’s of Waltham, Dunkin’ Donuts of Auburndale, and Starbucks of Newton were selected and sampled. Brianna sampled unsweetened iced tea and Kaitlyn sampled regular (prepared with cream and sugar) iced coffee.


1110 Lexington St, Waltham, MA 02453; (781) 893-7198)

A large iced tea, about 32 ounces, costs $1 off the value menu. When asked for a medium, I was told the large was actually cheaper to buy. The tea had a strong taste, similar to Chinese tea. This drink is nice and cold; refreshing for a warm summer day. 5/5

A medium iced coffee off the dollar menu is exactly $1.00. The regular coffee was sweet and had the sugar already mixed in, so it was not grainy. The coffee was flavorful and delicious, and a great quality for only $1.00. 5/5

Dunkin’ Donuts

2096 Commonwealth Ave, Auburndale, MA 02466; (617) 964-0622)

A medium iced tea costs $1.99. It is a refreshingly strong beverage. Often included with a lemon, this iced tea is a perfect summer drink. 4/5

A medium iced coffee, regular, is priced at $2.45. This great drink is fairly sweet and the sugar is on the bottom. At times you do get a mouthful of sugar through the straw, and the coffee is strong. 3/5


2322 Washington St, Newton, MA 02462; (617) 630-9870)

A Grande (medium) black, shaken iced tea is $1.75. It is strong yet fresh. It is a tad bitter, so sugar would be a necessity. 3/5

A Grande (medium) black coffee is $2.10. It is flavorful and freshly brewed. It is served over ice and smooth. It is not bitter and there are varieties of roasts to choose from. The location is within walking distance from Lasell. 4/5

All of the above locations are reasonable distances from the campus. All three locations were quick on serving the drinks, which is a plus since college students are always moving at a fast pace. Being college students on small, tight budgets, the price of Mc Donald’s cool, refreshing drinks cannot be beat. Not only is it affordable, but every penny spent is worth it with the enormous portion sizes.

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