“The Walking Dead” season three finale shocks fans Reply

Ariana St. Pierre – Arts and Entertainment Editor

The season three finale of the acclaimed zombie cult show, “The Walking Dead,” left fans begging for more. The finale entitled “Welcome to the Tombs” aired March 31 on AMC. The much anticipated war between the Governor’s Woodbury and Rick’s Prison finally erupted but was a lackluster in the actual battle sequence.

Season three was all about building tension that was eventually going to lead to this epic battle between Woodbury and the Prison. Fortunately for the Prison, a little smoke and zombie booby traps sent the Woodbury army running for the hills. This was not the sort of battle that the fans were looking for. “The Walking Dead” always provides an excessive amount of gore and carnage but this was missing from the finale.

However, the Governor does go on a rampage. He annihilates his entire crew with machine gun fire, so the more bloodthirsty fans can rejoice about that, although, the rampage basically renders Merle’s suicide run in the previous episode, useless. The Governor has now gone missing with only two of his men left. The tension will carry over into season four and viewers will just have to wait to see what the Governor’s insanity and fury can cook up for the Prison group.

Many moments in the episode were fantastic. The opening scene between the Governor, Milton, and Andrea was great. Also, Carl (Chandler Riggs) shooting a teenager in the woods while he was handing over his weapon creates a whole new story line for Carl. He has lost his innocence in this violent world and now viewers will watch Carl become a noble leader with a conscience like his father or become a ruthless monster like the Governor.

The finale ended the lives of two of the season’s key characters, Milton and Andrea. It was sad to see Milton go after being stabbed by the Governor and turning into a “walker.” However, many fans will be happy Andrea met her end after being bitten by Milton and ultimately killing herself with Rick’s gun before she turned into a “walker” as well. Andrea is perhaps one of the more annoying and frustrating characters of the show. Some would say her character only exists to make bad decisions.

Throughout the last few episodes of the season she had several chances to kill the crazed Governor but never seized the opportunity. In some ways she got what was coming to her but she did die with her slate wiped clean by trying to do the right thing for her friends at the Prison. It was sort of sad to see her go out like this though. It would have been a more fitting death for Andrea to go out fighting like Merle rather than simply moving too slow at getting out of her shackles.

Whether the finale was disappointing or not, the show has been at its best over this past season. Characters were broken and characters rose up from the ashes of turmoil to create better story lines and character depths. “The Walking Dead” still proves to be an addicting story that shows the best and worst of the humans living in this post-apocalyptic world. Eager fans anxiously await the return of the series with season four beginning in October 2013.

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