Times are hard for dreamers Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

The 2001 French film “Amélie” was highly regarded by many for aspects such as its beautiful cinematography, direction, acting, and soundtrack. I love the movie and it is one of my favorites. To me, it is so memorable for its lines. One of which, “Times are hard for dreamers,” comes to mind immediately when I think of the movie and when I think of tragedies.

While I understood what that line meant, I never fully understood how it could relate to those around me and myself. When I first heard it, I thought that it was beautifully worded and knew that it can be hard to make dreams come true in this competitive world that we live in. Now, I understand that it can be hard to keep those dreams alive when so many of us deal with violence, stress, and fear on a daily basis.

Times are hard for dreamers because we cannot be sure what we are going to face when we walk out the door. Are movie theaters, marathons, and schools as safe as we thought they were? Everything must now be doubted. And actions, it seems, these days are more often accused than praised.

When I first heard about the Boston Marathon bombings, I was shocked, fearful, and upset. I knew that I was safe since I was on campus, but I immediately worried about friends and family who were or could have been in the city. Everyone around me stopped socializing, partying, and having fun on Marathon Monday and came together to watch the television, afraid of what we would see next.

The sights that we saw cannot and will not be forgotten. In years to come, children will learn about the Boston Marathon bombings in history books. We will all remember where we were on Monday, April 15. We will remember the fear and the shock we felt. It is a shame that this violence will become a part of this beautiful city’s history, but it is inevitable. Times are hard for dreamers because so often we cannot escape the terror and instead have to live with it.

In times like this, it is important to understand that while it’s a hard world and a different one than we might want to live in, times are not impossible for dreamers. Each day is a chance to appreciate life. It is an opportunity to thank and love friends, family, and yourself. In times of darkness, we must see the light, the goodness, and acknowledge these aspects. Support others and yourself. It can be hard to find positives, but, in times like this, it is necessary.

I’m not sure if times will ever get easier for dreamers. I worry about the future and how things will look down the road. The quote “Times are hard for dreamers,” inspires me to succeed in these times and help those around me do the same. Alone we can be weak, but together we can overcome difficulties and find strength, even in the hardest of times.

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