A sort of homecoming Reply

Brandon Chase- Managing Editor

Throughout my adolescence, my dad and I would try to attend at least one Red Sox game every year. As we made the 90 minute drive from Agawam, there was always one checkpoint on the mundane trip along the Mass. Pike that made me smile.

Right before we got off the Pike at Exit 14, the tops of the Prudential and John Hancock Towers could be seen in the distance. It was a reminder that we reached our destination, a sort of “welcome back” gesture. Pulling into the parking lot at Riverside to make the trip to Fenway completed the journey. Little did I know, that a few years down the road, I’d be attending college just a short walk from where our road trip ended.

On September 4, 2009, the same trip was made once again. I was still wearing my red and blue Red Sox hat, but this time, nobody was enjoying a day at the Fens. This was the beginning of my collegiate journey at Lasell. Upon seeing the crest of the Back Bay skyline again on this sunny Friday morning, I thought to myself, “I’m back, and I’m here to stay.” U2, my favorite band, has a song titled “A Sort of Homecoming,” and that’s what seeing those two buildings on every car or bus ride back to Newton felt like. It was a sort of homecoming.

For the past four years of my life, I have felt most at home at Lasell. It has been a privilege and a blessing being able to immerse myself in the heart of this community which has become my Eastern Mass. family. Thank you to all the friends from the Class of 2012 I met my second semester of freshman year who took me under their collective wing and kept me from transferring. You gave me a plethora of memories to cherish and opened up a realm of opportunities that I would go back and take all over again if given the chance.

Those of you who know me well enough know my father had been battling cancer since the second semester of my sophomore year. He sadly lost that battle less than a month ago. Upon my return to campus after his funeral, in the midst of Boston Mara- thon bombings’ aftermath, it occurred to me that the Lasell community is more than a community. It is a family, and this campus is its home.

While the majority of students were eager to return home after the events of April 15, all I wanted to do was seek refuge at 1844 Commonwealth Ave after being in Agawam for my father’s services. After spending a week in my true home with my real family, I yearned for the familiarity of its adopted counterparts. Where else are a college’s Athletic Director, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Registrar going to come up to you, hug you, and personally give their condolences? If there’s anything that any Laser should learn outside the classroom, it’s that Lasell is a place where we come together to celebrate our victories and comfort each other after our losses. And nobody does that better than us.

After I walk across that stage on May 19 with degree in hand, it is unsure where I will continue my journey. I’ll be making that drive out to Exit 14 and past Riverside a little less often now, but when I do, it will always be a sort of homecoming. Thank you, Lasell for giving me the best four years of my life.

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