Lasell students and faculty strive for peace pole Reply

Elizabeth Haela- 1851 Staff

Next fall, a peace pole will be arriving on campus due to the efforts of human rights classes taught by Denny Frey and Edward Sieh. Students have been working diligently to introduce this structure to the Lasell community. The progress this year has led to the group raising over $400 for their project and spreading their awareness campaign throughout the student body.

A peace pole is designed to be a symbol of peace. The committee is planning to add an eight foot pole inscribed with the saying “May peace prevail on Earth” in many different languages. The site for this structure is yet to be determined.

Sieh, the director of the Human Rights minor at Lasell, initiated the idea for the peace pole because of his experience as a veteran. “I fought in the Vietnam War in 1969 and 1970. I saw the necessity to establish peace [after that.] Whatever you can do for peace is important.”

He is happy to finally witness his efforts materializing. “I’m looking forward to the installation of the peace pole in the fall. This isn’t just a peace pole for Lasell College; it’s a peace pole for the entire world. I’m hoping that people recognize that this is an effort for peace to be all inclusive,” said Sieh.

His colleague, Frey, is just as excited about the inauguration. He specifically admired the emergence of student action within this project. “The student involvement has been incredible. Students have been very enthusiastic to take [on] the leadership of this project. Their engagement has helped them to understand the promises and challenges of peace,” said Frey.

The students involved have already gained knowledge from their participation in this project. “Personally, this has changed my own view of how important world peace is and also my view of the campus. I’ve gotten a lot more involved because of it and personally connected to other students,” said freshman Amber Cunha.

Freshman Kayli Hertel agrees with her classmate. “I think that as students and teenagers, we categorize [one another.] The peace pole makes everyone come together. I talked to people I would have never talked to if not for [this project],” said Hertel. “My favorite part about the peace pole is knowing how much I’ve accomplished as a student. Being able to say, ‘I was a part of that,’ is so awesome.”

With its ability to connect the community, the peace pole looks to be the ideal addition to Lasell in the fall of 2013. Students and faculty will be able to enjoy and reflect on this aesthetic piece of architecture and consider the deeper meaning of the structure. “I hope people walk away with an intellectual impact,” said Frey.

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