Lasell professors say farewell to the Class of 2013 8

Dear Seniors,

This is a bittersweet time for all of us. I know you’re excited about the next step in your lives – but also probably a little reluctant to leave your college years behind. I feel the same way. It’s been a true pleasure to watch you grow and develop over the course of your sojourn at Lasell, to see you go from unsure first-years to accomplished young professionals completing your internships. However, I’ll miss seeing your faces and hearing your news.

Keep in touch. Your professors love to hear about that first or new job or acceptance to graduate school. And we’re still here for those recommendations you might need or discussions you might want to continue. But enjoy the big world beyond Lasell. Say yes to as many new opportunities as you can. If one situation doesn’t work out, try another. Changing your mind is a good thing!

In farewell, I wish all of the class of 2013 much happiness and success in reaching your goals.

-Mimi Reddicliffe, English

To the Graduating Class of 2013,

Your smiles, your trepidation, your ambition and your willingness to work hard to learn about your field; this is what I’ve seen. Thank you for opening up your hearts and minds to your peers, your internship supervisors, your other professors, and to me. Seeing your professional growth and your excitement at your accomplishments in your internships has been so rewarding; you have given me certainly as much as I have given you.

As you move on in your lives, keep the ambition alive, keep the smiles ready to share, and remember that you have already come a long way in your time at Lasell. Celebrate your accomplishments, cherish the moments here, and tackle the challenges ahead. Please stay in touch!

-Sarah Burrows, Director of Internship Programs

“A Rare Breed”

There’s been a wild pack of nerds inhabiting the Doran Computer Lab and parts of the Yamawaki Arts & Cultural Center for the past four years. They refer to themselves as the “Nerd Herd,” affectionately, of course. They are a talkative group, but despite the persistent and high-pitched chattering sounds that they emit, they have remained quite industrious. These nerds are the senior graphic design majors who – in this semester alone – can claim credit for: seven websites, four glossy magazines, more than forty branding initiatives (new or redesigned), scads of photography, a giant stack of “sick” patterns, and professional videos requiring mind-numbing hours of motion graphics.

It will be a lot quieter without them in the fall. I love and will miss the Nerd Herd. From my corner of the campus I send good wishes for health and happiness in their future and for all members of the 2013 class.

-Stephen Fischer, Graphic Design


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