Better with age Reply

Natalile Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Something felt different when I stepped onto the Lasell campus this year. I wasn’t expecting to feel any different, as I am in my third year, everything feels comfortable, and nothing feels final as would be expected in one’s senior year. However, I felt different looking around at the familiar buildings, faces, and roads. The best way I can put it is that Lasell gets better and better to come back to each year.

This isn’t to say that Lasell was awful to come back to last year and the excitement of moving in was subpar my freshman year. And I don’t think that it is just because this past summer seemed really long and I was more than thrilled to be back here. Rather that I have come to understand that the people here work hard throughout the summer to make Lasell all the more inviting in the fall. 

This college does an amazing job of improving each year to give its students the best. While we may not have come to campus this year with a new dorm building and cafeteria like we did last year, the improvements, changes, and renovations done over the summer have made everything more comfortable and pleasing.

In this issue of the “Chronicle” we wrote about the renovations completed over the summer in Carpenter and Woodland. I was amazed when I read about what was done and saw the pictures. While I do not live in these buildings, I can imagine how nice it must be to move into a place that feels a little more comfortable, a little more like home. The changes made in these buildings show students how much Lasell cares and when problems, like Woodland’s previous bathrooms, are heard, the problem will get fixed.

Over the summer, I found out that Barnes and Noble now operates our bookstore. I was pleased that the bookstore started sending emails to students, informing us of deals, sales, and textbook options. In this way, I felt more connected with Lasell and happy that the school was eager to connect with students.

Even the smaller changes, like the technology improvements with charging stations at computers in the library and lounges make a difference and make Lasell better to come back to. I can imagine these chargers being lifesavers for students who are busy studying in the library and need to charge their phone.

When I think of home, I think of the little comforts: A tidy, cozy, and inviting place to call my own that is shared with people I love. I think of convenience, connections, and the integrity to constantly work on improvements. Lasell has shown me that the college cares about these aspects. And, therefore, each year Lasell becomes more and more like home.

Although many students may not see these changes as they walk through campus with thoughts occupied by classes, assignments, what’s for dinner at Valentine, or whether or not they really feel like hitting up the gym, these changes make a difference and mean a lot to those they impact. I think what makes the most difference is that students feel more comfortable and at home when they come back to Lasell each year. This helps to make those on campus more content, happy, and eager to make the most out of the new school year. And most of all, proud to be Lasers.

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