Class of 2017 moves in with hopes, ambition, and luggage

Photos courtesy of Kait Quinn

Emily M. Kochanek – News Editor

The Class of 2017 moved onto campus on September 6, eager to settle into college life. According to Dean of Admissions James Tweed, the enrollment for the first-years stands at 430 students, slightly less than the record-setting 558 students last year.

Dip in enrollment is normal, said Tweed, “It’s not an exact science.” Lasell has kept the numbers of enrolled students consistent to ensure class size and ability to use connected learning within small classrooms. “We’re looking at no fluctuations,” Tweed said. He also added that the institution is healthy and growing at a steady pace.

However, according to Tweed, there has been a steady rise in applications within the past ten years. But, the capacity of Lasell’s residencies can only sustain 1,700 students, about 86 percent of students attending, limiting the amount of students accepted.

With limited space, Lasell has become more competitive. About 4,000 students applied this past year and Tweed said that a small campus ensures more quality with each graduating class.

First-year students are excited about the size of the campus population as well. “I like how it’s small and the teachers seem to be very [available] for their students,” said freshman fashion merchandising major Gabrielle Martuccio. Jay Franso, a law and public affairs student, came to the college because of the “atmosphere.”

Students applying will not have to worry about the size of Lasell changing within the near future. When asked whether Lasell had plans to expand to accommodate more students, Tweed said, “We’re not going to be a UMass Amherst,” and said the small size of Lasell will most likely stay the same, as it is part of the school’s drawing factors.

As resident assistants Ryan MacLeod and Yossi Portillo helped move first-years into their new rooms in Woodland, they felt optimistic. “They’re very excited, very happy to be here,” said Macleod, a RA in Woodland. “They’ve been waiting all summer for this.”

The first-years will be housed in Woodland, Van Winkle, Holt, and McClelland, with some in East and West.

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