Cheering their way to success Reply

Natasha Mwape –1851 Staff

Several Lasell teams have been going through changes. Among them is the cheerleading squad. Already there have been significant adjustments made from last year to this year.

Of the challenges that the team has faced thus far, numbers is not one of them. The team went from barely keeping 12 girls on the team last year to having an additional fourteen new girls this year. Senior captain Alyssa Lajoie stated that in her four years being a member of the cheerleading team, this is by far the biggest the squad has ever been. Co-captain Sarah Hennessy mentioned that last year it was a much smaller group than this year. The team grew in size, ultimately giving them the opportunity to experience more success than in previous seasons.

That opportunity was made possible with Lasell’s cheerleading camp, held this year on campus. This was the first year that Lasell had a cheerleading camp, which gave recruits and team members alike to hone their skills. It consisted of two eight- hour days of practice on September 28 and 29. The girls learned a lot of new skills from Universal Cheerleading Association instructors. The coach said some of the new skills that were taught to the players included tock tosses and college level pyr- amids. It was a brand new experience for many incoming freshman, some of which had never tried flips before.

Using their cheer camp experience and many hours of practice, the team is preparing for their debut at Fall Fest, and hopefully many more competitions in their future. If everything goes according to plan, the team will make their debut appearance at their first competition in November at Emmanuel College. Secretary Yesenia Hernandez said it’s something she wanted to do since she started cheerleading. The team has never competed before, but with a much larger squad, they finally have the numbers to enter and compete.

The cheerleading team this year is trying to be a much larger presence at the school. With the recent changes and ad- justments that they have made, it certainly seems like their goal will be achieved.

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