Meet Sir Lloyd Reply


Allison Nekola – 1851 Staff

Lloyd Hall, a senior fashion design major, opens up about his unique sense of style.

How would you describe your style?

During the summer my style changed due to the heat, so I still wear blazers to fancy up my outfits with shorts and a button up shirt. My normal style mirrors the Victorian era.

When did you start to dress this way?

I started dressing this way towards the end of my high school career. I was part of an anime club and at the end of the year we threw a costume party. I wore my 3-piece suit and loved the way I looked and felt in it. I’ve been committed to this look for the past four years, collecting vintage clothing to spice up my look.

Could you describe your favorite outfit?

My favorite outfit is a white button-down shirt topped with my navy vest and pants, pointed dress shoes, a blue velvet blazer, my pocket-watch and my top-hat, purchased while I was studying abroad in London.

You are a fashion major; do you use your personal style as a muse?

To be honest, my personal style is almost a fall- back inspiration if I am running late on an assign- ment or frustrated by a creative block. Otherwise I use everything around me for inspiration.

The outfits I’ve seen you in are theatrical; is this a career path you are considering?

Actually that is the exact direction I am going in. Ever since switching my major to fashion design I’ve been inspired to create costumes. I want to design costumes for Broadway musicals.

Do you have prior experience in theater?

I got into theater working on sets, with lights and sounds, which sparked my interest in designing costumes after being involved for a number of years. This past summer I worked as an assistant designer for the Children’s Circus in Middleton, CT and learned juggling, trapeze artistry, and stilting.

This sounds like an exciting career choice. You said you changed majors, what were you previously studying?

I studied video game design at a college in Vermont, before realizing I wanted to design costumes. From there I transferred to Lasell for my sophomore year.

How did it feel entering the dining hall in your Victorian attire for the first time?

One reason I dress so uniquely is to grab people’s attention, though it’s not always positive. I’m not bothered by the judgment of others. I can look at one person and receive a smile, look at the next and receive a quizzical look. It helped me choose the right group of friends.

What is the best advice you can give to someone who is hesitant to express them- self for fear of rejection from peers?

Just do it if it makes you happy. People will judge you anyway, but this gives you an opportunity to see, the people who smile and support you are worth keeping, and the ones who give mean looks aren’t worth knowing. If you be yourself, the people who matter won’t care.

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