Polished, Tarnished win awards Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-In-Chief

Lasell’s POLISHED and TARNISHED magazines received awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s 2013 Collegiate Gold Circle Awards. POLISHED received third place in Best Cover for a Special Interest Magazine and TARNISHED was awarded second place for Best Overall Special Interest Magazine.

Shawda Schaffer, Class of 2013, was highlighted for the Spring 2013 issue of POLISHED. Ashley Joncas and Alex Ferri, both members of the Class of 2014, were highlighted for Spring 2013 issue of TARNISHED.

12,847 entries were submitted this year from colleges, universities, and secondary schools throughout the United States and Canada. Professor Stephen Fischer, the advisor for Lasell’s Graphic Design League (GDL) and POLISHED and TARNISHED magazines said he felt confident about entering the magazines and hoped the publications would at least receive some recognition. “There was a lot of enthusiasm and many of our staff members worked very hard and produced exceptional work. We have entered one other time that I can recall,” said Fischer. “On both publications, we were blessed with strong leadership in all departments. The many contributors on both the editorial and visual design sides were some of the best I have ever seen.”

The results were not announced until five months after submission, but the time of the announcement was perfect for the start of the new school year. Fischer publicly announced the awards at the first meeting of GDL on Thursday, September 26. Fischer said the news was ideal for inspiring and motivating students as they tackle the new editions of POLISHED and TARNISHED.

Ferri, the Art Director for TARNISHED, which had only published one issue previously, said she had no idea the magazine was submitted to the contest. TARNISHED, which was part of the Publication Design course, was revamped with a modern look and included content that was strategically designed to be artistic and edgy with the help of Joncas, the Creative Director. It also increased in size from 40 to 70 pages. Ferri said winning the award came as a huge and happy surprise.

“There are so many schools and so many publications that are put out each year…I would have probably thought our chances would have been slim,” said Ferri. “I had never thought that anything of this magnitude would come out of our class project. It just goes to show that if you do something that you believe in and push yourself to your limit, and then past it, great things can happen in the smallest ways.”

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