Soccer players share experiences coming to Lasell, United States Reply

Brianna Robbins – 1851 Staff

The men’s soccer team is not made up of players from just around Massachusetts, New England, or even the United States of Amer- ica. Nery Guerra, Miguel Colmenares, and Jose Cabrera came from three different countries around the world to be a part of the men’s soccer program. These players were all brave enough to their leave home countries and travel over 5,000 miles to play American soccer while simultaneously earning an education.

Nery Guerra is a returning senior and a captain on the men’s soccer team. Guerra is originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala. He came across Lasell after looking for schools in the Boston area that were close to the trains and also had soccer programs. After arriving to the States, Guerra would not only have to adjust to the lan- guage barrier, but American-style soccer as well.

Soccer is a growing sport in America and still developing compared to other countries. “In the U.S., the knowledge of the game is not as wide as in other countries I’ve played in, including mine,” said Guerra. The game of soccer is played differently here than how he was taught back home. “I was taught to play more simple, technically, smart, and selfless while in the U.S. the game is much more direct, physical, and individualistic (to some extent).” Miguel Colmenares is a returning sophomore and starting goalkeeper. Colmenares is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Even though he is from Venezuela, he considers himself half Italian since all of his family members on his mother’s side are from Italy. Colmenares found Lasell by looking for a college in the Massachusetts area with a successful soccer program. His older brother, Vicente, was a huge influence to coming to America and choosing Massachusetts. Vicente is currently is a senior member of the soccer team at Boston University. “He strongly influenced me since he was the first one on taking that step of coming to the U.S. to study and prepare himself as a soccer player,” said Colmenares. Jose Cabrera is a junior transfer and first-season on the Lasell soccer team. Cabrera is originally from Queretaro, Mexico. Cabrera chose Lasell after looking for colleges that offered Sports Management degrees and a soccer program. “The unity, talent, and the American/International mixed flavor are great things that our team has,” said Cabrera. “It makes us a unique, competitive, charming, open minded, and successful team of fútbol.”

One challenge Cabrera faced when com- ing to the U.S.A. is adapting to the college academic system and atmosphere. “I really enjoy interacting with students from different backgrounds, as it is a diverse country,” said Cabrera. “Being in a diverse young atmosphere helps me learn more about life by sharing ideas and experiences with my friends and roommates, which makes me more confident and positive within life.”

The men’s soccer program at Lasell has been increasing the numbers of international players on the team, which is changing how the team plays the game. “With the increased amount of international players, soccer has been focusing more in the technique aspect,” said Col- menares. “Soccer in the U.S. is still considered very physical and on a fast-speed game.”

“Soccer has good and bad things in every country that it’s played at, just like any other sport,” said Cabrera. “But there are other factors that make it the highly competitive sport in the world and that’s why I love it.”

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