Sweet digs on campus Reply

Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Living on a college campus is truly a great experience. It’s four years of memories, meeting friends, and living independently. Compared to the major colleges in the Boston area, Lasell has a small number of students living on campus. Yet, Lasell arguably has the most variety when it comes to residence halls. The Auburndale campus features the historical houses, spacious suites, hotel-style halls, and traditional dormitories. But which style residence hall is the best to live in? Several seniors shared their thoughts on the dorms they’ve lived in throughout their years at Lasell.

John Karpenko currently lives in a suite, but said his favorite residence was Karandon House. “Sophomore year in ‘K-House’ was probably one of the best times at Lasell,” said Karpenko. “A lot of the rugby guys lived there, making it a lot of fun. It made it more than a dorm, it was a home.”

The suite life is best suited for close groups of friends, something Matt Arias has enjoyed in his senior year. “I love it,” said Arias. “I love my six-man because I feel like it makes things easier…say going to lunch with someone. We all end up hanging out a lot. It’s just a good time.” He also added that living with five people leaves little time alone in the suite.

Although friends bond together in suites, friendships are typically made in traditional style dormitories. Kevin Moloney lived in Woodland Hall his freshman year and as a resident assistant his sophomore year. “Woodland is one of those places you just have to live in,” said Moloney. “I met so many of my friends there.” Moloney added that Woodland isn’t ideal for sophomore year living, unless you’re an RA.

Hotel-style housing allows residents to enjoy their time privately, while inter- acting with other people at the same time. Sarah Bielski enjoyed her sophomore year in Rockwell. “Rockwell was nice because everyone was in the same area,” said Bielski. “I loved watching the rugby games from my room when it was cold outside.” She added that although the room sizes weren’t large, they were just enough for what she and her roommates needed.

What is perhaps the best room is located in the most unlikely of places: West Hall. This typically sophomore building is set up as a hotel-style style building. Two rooms are typically joined together by a bathroom, but the last room at the end of the hall doesn’t connect to another room. Each floor features one of these doubles with its own bathroom. Senior Cory Mitchell is living in this room for the second time in his four years at Lasell. The psychology major loves having his own bathroom, making it easier to clean. Living in a generally sophomore building as a senior isn’t ideal, but the room is for Mitchell. “I think it would have been cool to live some- where else like Spence,” said Mitchell. “But I’m satisfied here.”

So which residence hall is the best place to live? There isn’t a definitive answer. The beauty of Lasell is the opportunity to live in a variety of residence halls. The best way to pick the next living space is to ask fellow Lasers where to go. It’s not a matter of right and wrong, but rather preference.

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