Campus Activities Board Hosts Open Mic Night Reply

Melissa Hampton – 1851 Staff

The Campus Activities Board hosted an Open Mic Night in the Arnow Campus Center on October 22.  Lasell College students showed their talents through a cappella, guitar, and magic in front of a crowd of their peers.Each act had something new to bring to the table whether it was their actual talent or just the great stage presence that every act showed.  The music of the night also reached across the genres with acts playing songs by Green Day, Oasis, blink 182, Drake, Young the Giant, Bright Eyes, and even some original compositions.

The crowd of people that filled the Arnow Campus Center were very supportive of their fellow classmates and really brought a positive energy to the event.  Even when the transition between acts was slow the audience remained engaged and excited to see another student showcase their talent.

When asked what he thought of the event, Lasell College freshman Chad Taylor stated “I expected the event to be a lot longer.” The entire event taking about an hour.  “It would have been nice to have seen more variety in the acts, seeing as the night was mostly just people singing, but I was really impressed with the people who did perform.  It takes a lot of guts to go up in front of so many of your peers and do that,” said Taylor.

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