Cross country finishes 2013 campaign

Morgan Austin – Copy Editor

After several strong showings in meets this fall, the men and women’s cross country teams traveled to Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, ME to compete for the 2013 GNAC Cross Country Championships. The men’s team placed fifth, while the women’s team placed sixth.

Jessica Smith and Rachel Knuth were the top two finishers for the women’s team. Smith finished at 22:48 and Knuth finished at 23:13. For the men’s team, the two top finishers were Alex Weselcouch, finishing at 29:12 and Cameron Wiewel at 29:41.

Head coach James Martin recognized the team’s effort. “There’s a really good, strong team presence. They push each other quite nicely and support each other really well,” said Martin.

Even injured teammate Bethany McNulty was supportive by attending the practices. “Even though I can’t compete, I’m still there for my teammates. Because if I was competing and one of my teammates was injured, I know they would be there for me,” she said.

“We have some new runners on the men’s side that have really been putting in their all and have been pushing themselves really far this season,” said Martin.

“I think we did what we could’ve done,” said Martin. “We had a decent race. We had some really good individual performers which is always a good thing to see as well as people pushing themselves to the next level.”

As far as next season, Martin said they are already formulating ways the team can improve overall. Martin said he wants the team to get “back to where we were last year, if not better.”

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