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Johnny’s Luncheonette serves up tasty meals with homestyle favorites and excells with specialty items like milkshakes.

Johnny’s Luncheonette serves up tasty meals with homestyle favorites and excells with specialty items like milkshakes.


Samantha Greaves – 1851 Staff

Once you walk into Johnny’s Luncheonette, a short walk from the Newton Centre T stop, you will feel like you are being transported back to the 60’s with the restaurant’s old-school American vibe.

The ambience of the diner is comparable to the very popular chain restaurant Johnny Rocket’s, but less theatrical and with more of a simple hometown vibe. The music playing was reminiscent to the time period and was relaxing while still being upbeat.

The walls were painted bright pink, with vinyl records along with old photographs from the 60’s of Newton’s local minor league sports teams and past graduating classes of the public high school. Going along with the décor, there was a decorative bar stool area in the front of the diner that serves ice cream and specialty drinks such as milkshakes and root beer floats.

Before choosing from the large menu of cleverly named comfort food, my party and I decided to indulge in one of these seemingly tantalizing milkshakes. I got a chocolate milkshake and Lasell students Madelyn Torres and Kayli Hertel decided on the creamcicle milkshake that was recommended by our friendly waitress.

“This is divinity in milk-shake form!” said Hertel after taking a sip. Torrez happily agreed. Both the chocolate and the creamcicle milkshakes were amazing. After careful deliberation, the Ruben sandwich, the “You Look Marvelous” breakfast omelette that contained broccoli, tomatoes, and ham, an egg salad sandwich, and two side salads were chosen for meals. The diner had other meals on the menu that ranged from home style family classics, such as mac and cheese, to grilled chicken pestoandsalmon.

The food ordered by our party was delicious and the portions were huge, but the food did not measure up the to diner’s design. The side cucumber salad was bitter. The homemade dressing of the Caesar salad had a strange after taste.

I recommend stopping by this diner for a casual breakfast or brunch with close friends to begin a fun day of exploring Newton Centre or a way to end the day with one of their fabulous milkshakes. The diner is located on 30 Langley Road in Newton. It is easily accessible from the T and is located right next to the Walgreens.

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