Mentalist thrills campus Reply

Mentalist Sean Bott performed in late October. (Photos by Natalie Kfoury)

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

“You’re looking at my jacket and thinking that the poor homeless man has come to entertain us,” joked mentalist Sean Bott during his performance at Lasell in late October. Bott did an incredible job of mixing humor with jaw-dropping mentalist feats in an interactive and engaging performance in deWitt Hall.

In each of his mentalist feats combined with continuous humor, Bott used different members of the small audience. Since there were under 30 in attendance, almost everyone got to be involved, which was put on by Campus Activity Board (CAB).

“I think this was a very successful CAB event seeing as it coincided with Game 6 of the World Series. Everyone who went seemed to have a great time and wanted to see him come again,” said CAB President Molly Brennan.

In one of his first acts, Bott picked four members of the audience and asked each to stand in the back of the room where he asked questions and had each write down their answer in his notebook. The notebook was not returned during this act, so he could not read the answers. He even looked the other way while asking the questions so he could not watch the participants write their answers. Without fail, he guessed each answer, except “Bring it On,” the answer to “What is your favorite movie?” which he said would be revisited.

Sure enough, it was. Much later on in the show in a different act, he had the whole group describe an imaginary trip they would take to Dublin, Ireland. He then had a student participant take a sealed envelope from him containing a letter Bott had written the week before, which the participant read. Beginning with “To my new best friends,” the letter was written on October 23 and told the story of their trip to Dublin, reciting everything that the audience had provided. The audience was amazed, and even more so when the letter closed with, “PS: I can’t wait to watch our favorite movie ‘Bring it On!’”

Bott showcased many other feats during his performance, including moving cards without touching them. He had students read the minds of other students successfully, and had students bend their own coins in their hands by making tight fists. “The coin part was by far my favorite because it was something tangible that I could see change,” said sophomore Susana Lum.

He closed the show by having two students face each other and gath- ered the crowd around them. One student, junior Mary Fontaine, closed her eyes with the other staring at her. He faced the staring student and touched her nose three times. He then turned to the girl with her eyes closed and waved his hands over her face, but did not touch her.

When he asked Fontaine to open her eyes and tell what happened, she said that he felt him touch her three times, even though he had only touched the girl with her eyes open. This astonished the crowd and ended the show perfectly, leaving the group excited and wanting more.

“This was really fun,” said Bott on the show. “It allowed me to do things I can’t usually do since I usually perform for larger crowds. This was a really fun group. The people here were really awesome.”

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