Moody Street stop for safety Reply

Allison Nekola – 1851 Staff

As of now, there is no shuttle that runs from Lasell to Moody Street in Waltham, a hot spot for many students. The attraction: it’s stacked with restaurants, bars and quaint shops. This especially affects students on the weekend who are 21 and older and have few options when going out.

According to a Peer Health Education survey on drinking and driving at Lasell, 90 percent of students have driven under the influence of alcohol and 94 percent have been in a car with a driver who has been under the influence of alcohol.

Nothing hits home quite like hearing stories of drunk driving, especially when they end in tragedy. My sister was recently involved in a drunk driving accident where the car went through a fence, almost sliding into oncoming traffic crashing head on into a tree. Luckily she is still alive today, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,878 people died due to drunk driving accidents in 2011 alone.

Some students are getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking and endangering their lives and the lives of their peers and fellow drivers. We’d love to think every student at Lasell is responsible and designating a driver or getting a cab back to campus but the statistics show otherwise. Cabs are expensive; a one-way cab ride from Franco’s, a popular restaurant/bar among Lasers, to campus is 15 to 20 dollars. That is doubled for students who need a ride to and from, plus the money they are planning to spend on food and drinks. Two nights out with a sober round trip fare will cost a group of five people 67 dollars each. That is way too much for a college kid’s budget. According to Peer Health’s survey, 98 percent of Lasell students said they would be less involved with drunk driving if free transportation were provided to bars.

Sure, adding a Moody St. stop gives students more access to the bars, making them more responsible for their alcohol consumption and their behavior when intoxicated, but it’s worth the risk. A set of rules should be set for the safety of other shuttle-riders as well as the shuttle-driver.

This is something administration should look into because it helps the community and benefits our students. This is a chance to not only expand student’s options for off-campus activities, but to give students more protection.

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