New fall shows: What’s hot, what’s not Reply

Ariana St. Pierre – Arts Editor

Every fall, television viewers are introduced to new shows. Some strike gold and others fall flat. Some are hot and others are simply not.

What’s Hot:

“Reign,” on The CW, proves to be sleek and sexy with a little bit of mystery sprinkled on top. It chronicles the rise to power of Mary Queen of Scots when she arrives in France. Dark forces conspire against her and a secret history of the French Court is told. It may be a tad historically inaccurate, but the wardrobe is outstanding, the actors are well chosen, and it proves to be endless fun.

“Sleepy Hollow,” on Fox is modern mystery twist on the classic story of Ichabod Crane and has proved to be a great asset to the Fox lineup. After Crane is resurrected and pulled into the modern era, he unravels a mystery that dates back to the founding fathers. It is passionate, charismatic, and eerie. It is defi- nitely worth watching.

“The Crazy Ones,” on CBS, stares Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller in this break-out comedic hit. Williams is a kooky ad agent who works with daughter, Geller. Williams’ is better than ever with his off-the-cuff humor and antics. This new sitcom brings plenty of fun and laughs.

What’s Not:

“Sean Saves the World,” on NBC brings the return of Sean Hayes from “Will & Grace.” The show centers on Sean as he figures out how to parent his teenage daughter and deal with a crazy mother and a very temperamental new boss. The concept is funny but the jokes are mediocre, forced, and a little stiff. It is a shame because this show had such potential.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” on ABC is the first show to cash in on viewers’ love for superheroes. It follows the missions of this secret government force. However, as intriguing of a concept that may be, it falls short. The graphics are great but it is poorly casted and even more poorly acted.

“Low Winter Sun” and “Hell on Wheels”, on AMC both prove to be lack luster. AMC has provided great shows such as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad but their latest projects are boring and drawn out.

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