New Plans for The Diversity and Inclusion Committee Reply

Christina Alario – 1851 Staff

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee (D&IC) is in its third year, however, it’s devel- oped without much recognition. The committee hosted several events to promote diversity and unity on campus.

Formed in 2011 by Professors Jenifer Drew and Jerry Madkins, the D&IC was formed “to educate our community about issues of diversity and including community members who might otherwise feel left out,” according to Reverend Thomas Sullivan, an active member and leader of the D&IC.

In its first year, the Committee hosted a “Unity in the Community” breakfast in honor of Black History Month and the following year put on a play entitled “Spinning Into Butter,” which addressed racism on college campuses.

This year, Drew said, “the D&IC has begun to become what Jerry and I hoped it would be: a place where students, staff, and faculty felt comfortable bringing their own experiences of discrimination – what social scientists call ‘microaggressions’ – to light.”

The D&IC formed a three-part plan to further their role on campus this year by getting more involved with other student-led organizations on campus, commemorating Black History Month in the spring, and getting gender-neutral bathrooms in more campus buildings.

“I think the ultimate goal of the committee is to help make everyone at Lasell feel welcome and safe and included,” said Sullivan. “There are all kinds of groups and individuals at Lasell who, for one reason or another, sometimes don’t feel these ways. Some of that is cultural and some is due to things that happen at Lasell. We can address and work on both of those.”

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets on the first Monday of every month at 12:30 in Stoller. Drew encourages “all students who want to put issues of diversity and inclusion in the forefront here at Lasell should just come to a meeting.”

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