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Emily M. Kochanek – News Editor

The ACA “fumbles”… Again- On November 16, Satuday Night Live aired a sketch mocking the President’s recent failures by touting “PAXIL” an antidepressant that helps with those second term blues. As always, SNL’s satire focuses on the obvious: Obama’s biggest blunder. Sure, there was Bengahzi, the IRS scandal, and who could forget Snowden? But what Obama has done this time is lie to the American people and there is no way to talk yourself out of that one.

Since the birth of his ground-breaking health insurance legislation, Obama has touted over and over, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” But since the official rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act on October 1, more than 5 million Americans have complained that they received letters from their insurance companies telling them their health care plans have been canceled.

However, the law is doing exactly what it promised: holding insurance companies accountable. The ACA was designed to weed out bad insurance policies that were cheap but didn’t offer much coverage. But instead of the insurance companies changing their policies, the insurance companies have cut the plans that don’t conform to the new health care law, leaving many without insurance.

What Obama said was true in a twisted way; he hoped insurers would enhance each plan instead of cutting them. But the words he chose have caused an uproar, even in his own party. Some Democrats in the House are actually working with Republicans to make the American public happy. A bill was passed to give insurance companies another year to continue the plans that were cut under the ACA.

How will this shape up for the upcoming midterms? It’s hard to say, although the President’s approval rating has dropped to 39%, the lowest it has ever been, and that may have consequences on Democrats trying to regain the House and hold the Senate.

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