Reel Talk: Brennan needs an updated movie collection

Illustration by Elizabeth Centauro
Illustration by Elizabeth Centauro

Alex Grant – Contributing Writer

Like many Lasell students, I’ve often found myself strolling through Brennan Library in search of a DVD to watch. After browsing the selection, I end up watching something online via Netflix or similar websites because none of the titles sparked any interest. When I heard Brennan might get renovated by 2017, my thoughts went immediately to the DVD section. The choices could use a facelift in terms of the variety of selections.

There is much to be said about the selection Brennan already offers. With more than 2,000 titles, the library boasts a formidable collection and the librarians do a superb job of selecting relevant films. Renting movies without any fees is also a benefit for students.

But there could be improvement; selection is the biggest issue that needs addressing. Netflix has more than 3,000 films and 20,000 T.V. episodes available at any given time. Some of the titles in Brennan are available in VHS format, which are outdated, and should get replaced by Blu Ray discs.

“Breaking Bad,” one of the highest rated T.V. shows of all time, just ended after five seasons on AMC, yet it is nowhere to be found on the shelves; the same problem occurs when trying to find “Family Guy” or “Dexter.” These shows, among others, are popular and I know I’m not alone in wishing they could be rented from Brennan.

The most irritating aspect of the DVD selection is that they are all physical copies, meaning only one person can rent a movie or T.V. show at a time. Most students are unwilling to wait for a title to become available when there is an alternative to stream it online.

Don’t be mistaken; this isn’t intended to lambaste the current state of the choices. It is a difficult process to manage and not a prescient issue Lasell faces. But if Brennan is renovated in 2017, students deserve some of the funds to be allocated for an updated DVD collection.


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