The art of binge-watching Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Netflix, my friends, is a beautiful thing. So is having friends or family members that own full seasons of television shows. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: I am a binge- watcher. Binge-watching is defined on the ever-reputable Wikipedia as “The practice of watching television for longer time spans than usual, usually of a single television show.”

Basically, I start watching a show and I try to complete it or seasons of it in as short of a time span as possible. It’s like a game: How long will it take me to watch “American Horror Story: Murder House” and “Asylum” and can I get caught up in time to watch “Coven.” I won that game. I watched the first two seasons in about two to three weeks and fully caught up the day before “Coven” premiered.

The worst part of binge-watching, the only time this beautiful privilege lets me down, is getting caught up to the show’s current season and thus going from watch- ing episode after episode with continuous bliss to waiting a week for a new episode. I have neglected to start watching “Game of Thrones” for this reason and have decided to let it be an eventual, full-on binge-watch.

I have binge-watched “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Arrested Development,” “Community,” “The Office,” “Father Ted,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “American Horror Story: Murder House” and “Asylum,” “Doctor Who,” “The X-Files,” “Star Trek: Enterprise,” “Bat- tlestar Galactica,” “Twin Peaks,” and MTV shows including “True Life,” “Catfish,” and “Teen Mom 1, 2, and 3.” I am about to start binge-watching “Breaking Bad” and “The Americans.” Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I’m not sure if this means that I have no life or just that I have really great taste in tele- vision. But, I am not alone in my binge-watching. Junior Kerin Crowley is a binge-watcher of “24” and “The Office.”

“I’m obsessed with Netflix,” said Crowley. “I watch [The Office and 24] because there are so many seasons and if I start from the beginning, I don’t get sick of any of the episodes.” She is working on finishing “24” now and be- lieves to have watched “The Office” 10 times.

ophomore Mikala Gilroy uses Netflix and HBO to do her binge-watching and watched “Game of Thrones” in two days, “Dexter” in a month and a half, and “Gossip Girl” in one semester.

The Chronicle’s very own Casey O’Brien, a senior, is exceptional in the art of binge-watching and could very well be the queen of it. Some of her highlights include watching all six seasons of “Lost” in two months, two seasons of “Sherlock” in one night, and three seasons of “Fringe” in three days.

“I like binge-watching because when I get really into a show, I don’t want to do anything but watch it. So I don’t,” said O’Brien. “It’s a good way to spend downtime and relax, but it can suck you in and before you know it, it is 2:00 a.m. and you’ve been watching for six hours.”

Binge-watching is an enjoyable habit, but has dangerous potential. Basically, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Enjoy the bingeing, my friends, I know I will. Just don’t let it take over your life too much.

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