A diamond on campus Reply

Alex Serrazina – Contributing Writer

If you walk around Lasell, you’ll notice the upgrades occuring in the athletic department. The soccer/softball field received a new grass surface, there is talk of a new gymnasium, and there are two fitness rooms allowing athletes great choices for working out. The one thing missing on campus is a home for America’s pastime: a baseball field. This creates an issue not only for players and coaches, but fans as well. Lasell College should build a baseball diamond on campus.

The addition of the baseball diamond would not only help school spirit but would also be a place to hold events such as kickball and wiffle ball
tournaments. The field would also give another venue to host events such as a movie night or class barbecues. The field would make life for the baseball team easier because it would cut down on travel for the team.

“The drive to Brandeis kind of stinks,” said junior Greg Sherman. “Even though it’s a home game, being at Brandeis doesn’t feel home.”

One issue that could hold up the building process would be the location. As we all know, Lasell isn’t spoiled with land. The development of a new field could cause issues not only with Lasell itself, but with the surrounding historical district. Despite this, Lasell would benefit from a new field. Not only would it help the baseball team, but the atmosphere of the Lasell community would improve. Just imagine a beautiful spring day, sitting in the stands, cheering for your Lasers. That itself could bring a joy that would benefit campus immensely.

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