Fresh ideas: Switch up meals during finals Reply

 Reginah Sanyu-1851 staff 

The campus center has healthy options that fast food junkies would not appreciate, especially when in need of comfort food during these difficult times of finals. That is why the tostada bowl is getting a change.

When it comes to your order, you can always have it your way as long as a request is made. Ordering Dragon Chef and Dominos regularly gets very costly. Give the tostada bowl at the Campus Center a makeover, especially for the moments when all you want is greasy comfort food. The tostada bowl has never been tastier.

What you’ll need:

* A tostada bowl
* Cheese
* Lettuce
* Chicken tenders
* Blue Cheese or ranch * Hot sauce

What you should do:

1. After asking for the tostada bowl, before anything is done to it, first add any cheese of your choice. The bowl needs to be put in the oven for a few seconds so that the cheese melts. If the tostada bowl is not heated first, it will not be as tasty.

2. Add lettuce on top of the melted cheese.

3. Replace the white chicken with cut chicken tenders.

4. Top with ranch or blue cheese and hot sauce or ketchup if desired.

The tostada bowl is a finger food and

best served warm. You can even use the tostada bowl to eat the dish nacho-style if you want!

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