Girls take on “Campus” Reply

Allison Nekola – 1851 Staff

Where do collegiate journalists write about style, beauty, health, love, life, and career? With more than 3,000 contributors, the odds are in favor of, an online community for college women.

Harvard graduates Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang founded Her Campus. Their mission is to become the leading multi-platform brand for female college students. Since the website’s launch, more than 200 campus chapters have been added across the U.S.,
including Lasell. A small chapter was started this semester at Lasell by junior communication major Caitlin Fitzgerald. The Lasell College homepage immediately showed articles about happenings around campus. One section of the website is called “campus cuties” and includes photos and information about students on campus.

The style bloggers take photos of students around campus and have them explain their outfits and what is “in” this season. It is not all about fashion, though; even the women’s Powder Puff football game made headlines on the homepage.

There was also the opportunity to hold a Her Campus College Fashion Week in Boston. It was held at The Estate, a nightclub in Boston, barely visible outside the alleyway where it is located. White Chiavari chairs filled the V.I.P section; non-V.I.P guests sat on booths that wrapped the walls.

Nora McCabe, 18, a Lasell student who attended, said, “I love this. I’m fan-girling right now over [the co-founder Windsor.]”

Scanning the room, it was hard to tell if the show was formal or laidback. The audience had a variety of styles: embellished tops and eight-inch heels meshed with jeans and light sweaters. “You Snooze You Lose” encouraged the crowd to dress cute at the gym or wherever they exercise. Hanger’s theory is look cute working out.

The same theory applies when dressing for class. If comfort is the goal, make sure it’s not a rolled-out-of-bed look. According to Hanger, it’s important to “always look your best because if you dress better you’ll like how you look and people respond positively towards you.”

The Lasell chapter seems to keep growing, as more stories appear on the homepage.

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