Indoor track up and running

Zachary Gray Co-Editor-In-Chief

Indoor track & field enters the 2013-2014 season with its largest numbers in years.

“When I started my freshman year, the team was very small, maybe 10 people total [both men and women],” said senior captain Chelsea Zeig. The squad now has upwards of 30 to 40 people. Although the team is made up of numerous underclassmen, the senior class have been a major piece of the program’s growth. The seniors include Solange Carpenter, Jen Lemoine, Kendall Logsdon, Dylan Fernandez, Bobby Spellman, Don Berube, and Zeig. Carpenter, Lemoine, Logsdon, and Zeig have been with the program since their freshmen year. All have enjoyed individual success, as they’ve set the standard for the program.

The team has improved and grown thanks to the conditioning set up by James Martin and the rest of the coaching staff.

“The coaches have definitely committed their time,” said Zeig. “You can see they’re investing their time in improving everyone not just as runners or throwers, but as athletes overall.”

Track & field looks to have a successful upcoming season. “I’m looking to have the best season I can in the four years here,” said Zeig. “As a team, I’m hoping we can compare to other Division II and Division III programs. The team picks up again after winter break with a meet on January 18 at Tufts.

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