New Faces Join Men’s Basketball Reply

Reginah Sanyu 1851 staff

The men’s basketball team is sporting three new faces this season, all of whom are expected to contribute to a successful season: Senior Ryan Langell, junior Eric Thomas, and sophomore Clyde Niba. “With [Niba, Langell, and Thomas] on the team, they bring more of that competitive spirit and team oriented mind sets,” said senior captain Brandon Ganesh.
Although Langell has joined the team his senior year, basketball has been a part of his life for a long time. “I started playing in the sixth grade till the eighth grade,” he said. A resident of Dunstable, Massachusetts, Langell graduated from Groton-Dunstable High School where he played for the Crusaders for two years. “I picked up basketball again after sophomore year of high school and played competitively up to the end of senior year.”

Senior Ryan Langell

Senior Ryan Langell

When Langell came to college, he put basketball aside to focus on his grades, only to pick the game up second semester of his freshman year. “Although I did not join the team then, I played basketball regularly my second semester of freshman year and I just kept on working on my game,” he said. When it comes to basketball, for Langell it is more than just being on the court. “Basketball is not just about the fun I have playing it. It’s the passion that I have towards the sport that drives me to become a better player,” he said. “Being on the team means a lot because it teaches you things that you need to be successful in life like time management and how to be a team player.”

Sophomore Clyde Niba

Sophomore Clyde Niba

Niba is from Atlanta, Georgia, but was originally born in Cameroon, West Africa. The six-foot-four forward joined the Lasers on the court after transferring from Dean College where he played basketball as well. “My playing style is very physical, and being six-foot four I can handle the ball, change speeds, and at any moment and I can shoot” said Niba. Niba was introduced to basketball when he was 13 years old. “My older cousin Marius introduced the sport to my younger cousin,” said Niba. “Watching him play high school basketball made me want to play.” Niba
played high school basketball at Dacula High School. When it comes to the sport, Niba likes the challenges that come with playing at a high level. “As a player you always want to play against good competition, people that can push you to your limit” he said.

Junior Eric Thomas

Junior Eric Thomas

Thomas played basketball at Florida Memorial University before transferring to Lasell. Although he used to play football, Thomas switched to basketball during his high school career. “Basketball means everything. It’s a relief, it’s a way to get away from other problems you might be having,” said Thomas. “It’s a way to express yourself.”

The bond Thomas shares with basketball became stronger when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament a few years back. “Being on the court means everything to me because I know that it can be taken away” Thomas said.

Look for the new Lasers on the court this winter break in key matchups versus Anna Maria on January 9, Mount Ida on January 11, and Johnson & Wales on January 15.

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