Professors to take sabbatical Reply

Casey O’Brien – Managing Editor

The ability to go on sabbatical is one of the many privileges Lasell gives its professors. This coming semester several professors will
take their leave. A sabbatical is a leave from work, typically lasting from a couple months to a year; many professors use this time to conduct research.

Dr. Edward Sieh, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, will go on sabbatical for the spring semester and will continue his work throughout the summer until classes resume in the fall. In July, Sieh will be attending the International Sociological Association conference in Yokohama, Japan.

“I am organizing the panel sessions for a subgroup of this organization, the Human Rights and Social Justice thematic group,” said Sieh. “We have over 150 different abstracts submitted to our group, which is composed of 14 different sessions.”

After he organizes the conference, Sieh looks forward to having the time to conduct “some serious research” on human rights and transitional justice. “Transitional justice is the term used to describe the form of legal justice that is established following a change of government that may have been particularly evil and was involved in mass kidnappings and executions. They are still prosecuting various mass killers in various parts of the world; Argentina, Rwanda, and South Africa are just three examples.”

Dr. Denny Frey, Associate Professor of History, will be going on his sabbatical next semester as well. If all goes to plan, Frey will be departing in April for Germany to a small town named Göppingen, to further the research he did as a graduate student. His writing project is completing a chapter of his book, “Money in the German Speaking Lands.” The chapter studies crafts people in the 1700-1800s in Southwest Germany.

“I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the lives of 18th century people again.” Frey said. Though he is excited to continue his work, he will miss teaching and is sad he will miss the graduation ceremony in May.

Dr. Tulin Johansson, Chair of Accounting and Finance, is currently on sabbatical but fulfilling her duties as Chair. “In a way I am on a part-time sabbatical,” says Johansson. She comes to campus two days a week and is always available through email and phone. In addition to making some changes to the accounting and finance curriculums this year, Johansson is in charge of managing faculty, students, and budgets.

“This could have imposed unnecessary strain on the small departments like ours since Department Chairs teaches less than full load,” said Johansson. “In addition, I really like interacting with the students and my colleagues that I did not want to take a break from it.”

While on her one-year sabbatical, she will be researching local economies. She has two separate research projects; in one “I am examining the impact of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative on greenhouse gases emissions along with its impact on Massachusetts economy using the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model.”

The other focuses on Lasell and our economical impact on the local and state economies. Johansson will return full-time next fall, but for now is enjoying her research. “I am mostly looking forward to completing my research projects. I have started both of these projects a while ago but had to take breaks several times due to time constraints. Each time I took a break my data got old and I ended up starting over.”

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