Campus Center changes hours Reply

Emily Kochanek – 1851 Staff

When students look to grab a late night snack at the Campus Center after 10 p.m., they’ll find locked doors instead of flatbreads. The decision to close earlier came from Lasell’s Sodexo general manager, Mairead VanHeest, and her staff. The decision, she said, was purely business driven.

VanHeest had compiled statistics concerning customer count and money made within a week from 10 p.m. to midnight. The results show fewer people go to the Campus Center after 10 p.m. while more go to Boomer’s Grill.

“More students are going to Boomers,” said VanHeest. “It makes sense. Thought we’d give two locations a try. The choice was Boomers.”

VanHeest said although there were people buying in the hours between 10 p.m. and midnight, purchases would approximate to “sodas and six sandwiches,” an unsustainable profit.

The closure does limit options, however, for students looking for a healthy alternative to Boomer’s late at night. VanHeest said there will be new options soon, as the cafeteria will be rolling out a new “mindful” program. There will be options under 560 calories as well as a choice of carrot sticks and celery with dressing as a side instead of french fries.

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