Records set at NCAA’s Reply

Brianna Robbins – 1851 Staff

Age must not mean a thing to the women’s track and field 4×200 relay. This year’s relay team broke the school record back in early February at Tufts University by almost ten seconds with a time of 1:54.36. “We finally put together a team where we all wanted the record and just went for it,” said sophomore Melissa Cooley. “Breaking the record the first time felt great, but we knew we could do it again.”

This year’s team is made up of all underclassmen, including freshmen Ayumi Ranucci and Tatyana George, and sophomores Talia Gabriel and Cooley.

The record for the 4×200 relay was previously set back in 2011 by Solange Carpenter, Kendall Logsdon, Sam Peck, and Marissa Lewon with a time of 2:04.29.

Cooley was right. Breaking the record was not enough for this team. They needed to cut four seconds off their time in order to qualify for NCAA New England Regionals. The women track athletes knew this going into the final indoor meet held at MIT. The relay team was able to cut their time down to 1:54.14, which did not make the qualifying time for the NCAA, but still managed to find a spot at NCAA New England Regionals.

The women’s indoor 4×200 relay competed one last time at the Regionals meet at Springfield College with the goal of cutting the time down even more. The women were able to capitalize on the highly competitive meet by trimming 1.66 seconds off their time, finishing with a score of 1:52.01. “My first-year on the team has been an incredible experience,” said Ranucci. “I am excited to see what our outdoor season will bring us.”

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