Done for now, not forever Reply

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Ashlyn Curley – Opinion Editor

I’ll never forget being a freshman: eager to be free from my parents and the rules of high school, beginning to explore new ideas and find myself.

I’ve heard about the phony illness of senioritis since high school. However, the feeling is true and unique to each senior. Some of you already have jobs; some of you haven’t even started looking. For most of us, it’s about being so close to the finish line that we stop running. 

With graduation looming, I’ve spent the past six months reevaluating my college experience. I look back and wonder if I worked too hard instead of enjoying the moments that make college the best years of your life. Up until this year I never slacked or made excuses for myself.

My rationalization is I’ve worked hard enough for three years that I get to use my final semester as a break. I strategically planned so I’d have one required class left and two more classes to graduate. But this doesn’t mean I should stop challenging myself.

For me, senioritis stems from fear of leaving the comfort zone of college and entering the professional world. But from one senior to another, I’ll tell you what I’m slowly convincing myself: you’re going to be okay.

Stop using the finish line as a reason to stop running. Don’t let fear take over your willingness to challenge yourself. You’re going to be challenged through different stages of your adult life—professional and personal. Nothing positive will come from giving up when your career has just begun.

When I was a freshman, I couldn’t wait to find myself in college. Although it opened my mind and gave me an analytical approach to see the world, I’m still finding myself. When you hear the big question, “What are you going to do with your life?” don’t feel inadequate for not knowing. College isn’t the place to find yourself.

Some of us begin to understand our passions in college, but we’ll continue to spend our entire lives searching for ourselves. You have your whole life ahead of you. In life you’ll encounter new challenges and through those challenges you’ll continue to develop your character and discover who you are.

There’s my message for my fellow classmates. For the next two months we’re in this together. Keep running seniors and when you hit the finish line, continue running.

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