Women give rugby a try

Christopher Cohn – 1851 Staff

Year after year, the men’s rugby club has attempted to recruit women at Lasell to form their own rugby club, but no ladies committed yet. At last semester’s Activities Fair, Mary Jo Fisher became the first woman to officially join the women’s rugby club. “I started playing rugby my senior year in high school and I immediately fell in love with the game,” said Fisher. “It was the type of thing where I couldn’t wait to go to practice every day. It’s such a unique sport.”

With women’s rugby obtaining their first player, one would assume there will be others to follow. “I recruited some girls in the fall season and we started to have practice with the five or six other girls interested,” said Fisher. “The season ended shortly after we began, but we are looking forward to the spring season.”

Men’s rugby has enjoyed success in their few seasons. It is only fitting for the women to follow suit, seeing as the majority of Lasell students are women.

“The women’s team will be sharing practice time alongside the men,” said men’s rugby senior and women’s assistant coach Ricky Hawkes. “No games are scheduled because I’m not quite sure of the level of commitment from the women.”

“I personally think it’s awesome to watch women’s rugby,” said junior Tier Gibbons, a rugby player. “I don’t think people take women’s sports seriously, but I think women’s rugby is the realest thing I’ve ever seen.” When asked about the popularity women’s rugby could have on campus, Gibbons said, “It has the possibility to be really big at Lasell. It’s an exciting sport, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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