Sports column: teams travel, form bonds Reply

Tristan Davis – Sports Editor

Sometimes the best way to get to know a group of people is to spend as much time with them as possible. For Lasell’s spring athletes, that’s the method of choice. Or perhaps it could be that it’s been freezing on campus the past few days and the idea of being in a warm area with sun and palm trees beats icicles and snowbanks. That’s just a hunch. 

The baseball team travels to beautiful Fort Myers, Florida, spring training home of the Boston Red Sox. Freshman catcher Matt Haskell is looking forward to spending a few days playing ball with his teammates in a new atmosphere.

“I think it’ll be an exciting [experience] to be able to get out of the cold,” said Haskell. “I think this trip will also serve as team bonding. We all go to battle for each other and all these guys are like the brothers I never had”.

The Lasers take on several non-conference foes, including Polytechnic Institute of New York, Johns Hopkins University, and Knox College.

Just north of the baseball team on the shores of Myrtle Beach, SC, the softball team will play a slew of different competition, including Gallaudet University and Cumberland University. The Lasers travel for spring break led by first-year coach Lacy Gilloti. Sophomore pitcher Eileen Bergin should see a good amount of innings.

The men’s volleyball team failed to follow the trend of warm-weather spring break travel, but they’ll head to York, NY for tournament play. Freshman Patrick MacDonald says the trip can only improve team chemistry.

“We’re already very close as a team, but I enjoy spending time with them and it will only make us closer,” said MacDonald

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