The Office of Student Activities helps First-Year Students

Sophomores Sam Buote and Katie Gontarz explain Campus Activities Board (CAB) to sophomore Elizabeth Downs.
Sophomores Sam Buote and Katie Gontarz explain Campus Activities Board (CAB) to sophomore Elizabeth Downs. Photo By Kait Quinn.

Kait Quinn – Managing Editor

“Freshman Weekend and Summer Orientation also helped with the adjustment to school. I was able to meet my roommate and we get along so incredibly well. It’s helped me make a family here, and a home and I can’t wait to see what the next three years bring,” Haleigh West, freshman, said about the Office of Student Activities. 

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is a group on campus responsible for completing student life outside of the classroom. They foster a connected community with events, leadership opportunities, orientation, and first-year acclimation. OSA also supervises all of the clubs and organizations present on campus. Together, their responsibilities make a large impact on campus.

Priding themselves on having an event every Wednesday-Sunday for the first few weeks of every semester, OSA is a way for students to make new friends and learn about Lasell beyond the academic work.  “The first six weeks of school there are different activities students can attend which allows them to get more acquainted with campus and the others students, faculty and staff,” Samantha Ramos, sophomore and Orientation Coordinator said. These events are particularly important to new first-year students looking to fit in and adjust to their new college.

Starting the connection with the first-year students begins right away during the admissions process for a few students. Some students are selected to become Leadership Scholars. While it is an option students can turn down, it comes with a scholarship and a few requirements. These requirements include attending retreats, speakers and events.

The students selected are instantly involved with OSA and the members. They are connected to Granger, Richardson and Justin as well as the rest of the Leadership Scholars. They are invited to activities and events on campus which does bridge the gap and make it easier for students instead of looking for ways to get involved, according to Granger.

There is also one section of First Year Seminar class, which is geared towards the student leaders and leadership scholars on campus, “I love working with students and helping them learn and grow and achieve. I love that I get to teach an FYS,” said Granger.

At orientation, Granger, Richardson and Bruce all speak to and connect with the first-year students. They tell them about their office as a resource for getting comfortable with the college and also as an outlet to get involved outside of the classroom. “OSA is very big on Orientation at Lasell. [We] want to make sure it is an awesome experience for the incoming students whether they be first years, transfers or international students,” said Ramos.

Moving into the residence halls, OSA comes and connects with the first-year students. They often play a trivia game for the students to better learn the services of their office. While the Resident Assistants tally up the trivia points, a member from OSA will present a PowerPoint further describing and introducing the students to the office and at the end, winners of the trivia game receive a prize. The students become engaged and aware of what is being offered to them.

Most students hear the presentations during their orientation session, but once they are used to the college they hear more specific ways for getting involved on campus. “[I] had the pleasure of doing a program with the RA staff in McClelland Hall. We had a trivia night about the Office of Student Activities and gave away a pair of Celtics tickets. The event was a great success,” said Granger in regards to the program held in McClelland Hall earlier in the semester.

The Office of Student Activities runs two Activities Fairs each academic year, in the fall and spring. At these events, students can find out more information about all of the clubs and organizations on campus. “It was a perfect chance to mingle. I ended up joining the drama club for their fall musical and made so many friends that really helped me adjust to being away from home for the first time,” said West.

OSA oversees all 58 student organizations at Lasell. Students become involved this way by joining clubs on campus and meeting new people. Students enjoy lunch and learn about what else is offered on campus. While this is an event for all students, first-year students particularly enjoy the benefits.  “Without the fair I probably wouldn’t have met the people I did and had such a smooth transition into school,” said West.

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