COM expands with entertainment media Reply

Cristobal Martinez – 1851 Staff

When describing Lasell College, many are quick to point out its status as a
rapidly growing college. This is not only true of its facilities, but academics too, as
the communications department adds of Entertainment Media as a concentration.

Although the Entertainment Media concentration was only approved this year with classes beginning next fall, it has been in development for a while. It was granted status as a concentration after two rounds of approval by Lasell’s Curriculum Committee.

According to Professor Michael Laramee, Entertainment Media has been in the works since the 2012-2013 school year. A committee of several department chairs, the chair of business, and the chair of communications designed the curriculum.

The courses will consist of already existing classes like Screenwriting and Entertainment Media, as well as new classes such as TV Studies and a course
on how film affects culture.

When describing the new concentration, Professor Laramee stressed the term “multi-disciplinary.” Entertainment Media will not only focus on the communications field but the fields of business and anthropology, among others.

When asked how the Entertainment Media concentration will differ from the Radio/TV Production concentration, Laramee said, “Entertainment Media doesn’t offer any production classes and focuses more on the corporate side of entertainment and less on the creative side.”

Laramee went on to compare Entertainment Media to Sport Communications and how the latter not only teaches how to write for sports journalism but also requires its students to enroll in management classes. Professor Laramee has high hopes for the new program.

When asked how Lasell’s Entertainment Media program will compare to other schools in the area, Laramee smiled and proudly said, “Well, Lasell is a top 10 school in student internship acceptances.

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