New service club brings hope to campus Reply


Lasell's Hope for Humanity group. (Photo by Danielle Cutillo)

Lasell’s Hope for Humanity group. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Cutillo)

Samantha Greaves – 1851 Staff

Donating time to service is an excellent way to get involved in the community. For years, Lasell has provided students with community service opportunities through its Center for Community- Based Learning (CCBL). Due to the success of the Hope for Humanity Club, there is now another way for students to become aware of the issues plaguing our society. Through the club, members discover new ways they can help through the act of service.

Hope for Humanity is an organization that focuses on raising awareness for people in need through positive action on a domestic and global level. Through their campus events such as the Second Step Day of Beauty, a bake sale to raise money for Gardner Animal Shelter, and their upcoming peanut butter and sock drive for the homeless, they encourage students to get involved.

The Second Step Program is a place where families recovering from domestic violence seek refuge and rebuild their lives. For the Day of Beauty, hardworking mothers suffering from domestic abuse spend a day getting pampered while their children get to have fun with Hope for Humanity members. This event was a success along with the Gardner Animal Shelter bake sale where $104 was raised in two days.

The leaders of this club are hoping their last event of the year, their peanut butter
and socks drive, will be as successful if not more than their previous events. Danielle Cutillo, one of the two club leaders, said, “I am passionate about helping those in need, and homelessness is a big issue in our society.”

Hope for Humanity is now run by freshman Courtney Braman and junior Cutillo. Both ladies are determined individuals who are not only very involved on campus but also have always dedicated their time to serving the community.

With their strong focus, organization, and leadership abilities both Braman and
Cutillo wanted to be club leaders. Cutillo said, “When the opportunity to lead this
club arrived, we decided to take it.” As a rising senior with an internship, when Cutillo was asked how she managed to fit leading this club into her busy schedule she said, “It is always going to be a lot of work, but service is always going to be one of my passions.”

Braman agreed saying, “Seeing a big smile on someone’s face and knowing that I’m the one responsible for it makes me overwhelmed with joy. This is the reason why getting involved on campus was so important to me.”

Hope for Humanity meets in Rosen Auditorium Monday at 5 p.m. For more information stop by the CCBL in Klingbeil House, like Lasell College Hope for Humanity on Facebook, or email the group leaders Cutillo at dcutillo@lasell. edu or Braman at

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