Student creates One Brand clothing line

An original T-shift design by Chris Jones for his One Brand clothing company. (Photo courtesy of Chris Jones)
An original T-shift design by Chris Jones for his One Brand clothing company. (Photo courtesy of Chris Jones)

Kait Quinn – Managing Editor

Entrepreneurship major and sophomore, Chris Jones, created his own “fully sustainable, environmentally friendly apparel company” called One Brand Clothing. While being a Resident Assistant (RA) in Woodland Hall, he found that, “[A problem that] I run into often is seeing the same clothes that I am wearing on someone else, that being my biggest pet peeve, I have a pile of clothes that once I see someone else wearing the same article of clothing, it immediately gets dated and put into a drawer where it sits for six months before I will wear it again,” said Jones.

“With the knowledge I have gained from my short time here at Lasell so far is what made the opportunity possible for me, from learning how to manage the books in my various accounting classes, to creating a buzz for the brand in marketing, and the right way to go about operating a small business in my entrepreneurial ventures and creations class,” said Jones.

While running his own start-up companies, Easton Auto Detailing and Easton Livery Service, and volunteering at the Barry Price Center, Jones said, “One Brand Clothing was thought of during my summer before sophomore year, and further developed during fall semester of 2013 in my marketing 101 class, where the project was to create a product for a specific demographic of potential customers.”

One Brand Clothing was created because, “each day I wake up and use products that other people have created and wondered why am I not using my own product in my everyday life? I set out to create something that is my own, with my entrepreneurial passion clearly shown from it,” said Jones.

The clothing is made up of 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent organic cotton grown in its natural habitat, with global sustainability in mind; the materials are sourced from only socially responsible growers.

One Brand Clothing can be found online at where entrepreneurs can load their designs and  funding. By searching “One Brand Clothing Launch Line,” 12 designs are available. Clothing and more information can be found at “I want to thank Lasell College for being the oasis it is for us entrepreneurs and providing the buildings blocks for products like this,” said Jones.

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