Chef is more than meets the eye Reply

Shanique Reid – 1851 Staff

Every weekday, he begins his shift at 8 a.m. When passing the dull-eyed students
who regrettably registered for early classes, he offers a smile and a delectable treat. Although his job is to merely prepare and serve meals, he offers much more to the Lasell community than food.Coined as ‘the guy with the dreads,’ Sodexo employee Camichael Richards provides a sense of happiness and delight throughout campus with his sincere smile and friendliness.

With his locks tied neatly behind his shoulders and hat propped, Richards softly greets students with the thick dialect of his Caribbean accent, “So what would you like?”

As an original native of the small West Indian islands of Trinidad and Tobago, food has always been one of his greatest passions. Back in Trinidad, he assisted his
mother running two family restaurants. “About five years ago, a friend of mine use to work here, and I was looking for a job. They recommended that I apply and
I’ve enjoyed working here since,” said Richards about his occupation.

Since moving to the United States with his younger brother to live with his father at
17, Richards describes his transition to life here as easily adjustable. He credits his father with teaching him the cooking skills he has developed over the years.

Outside of Lasell he is part of the Boston Electrician Union, currently working on becoming an electrician and a part time DJ. He plays music across genres
from Top 40 to Electronica and Dubstep, but of course prefers the Caribbean
rhythms of his country: Soca and Reggae. Richards quite enjoys his job. He admits
when he becomes a full time electrician he will still stay at Sodexo because
the company is great. “I like the people I work with. They’re fun and enjoyable,”
said Richards.

The 27-year-old Roxbury resident enjoys spending time with his family. As a husband and father of two, he dedicates his life to securing his happiness along
with his family’s.

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