Editors Corner: Education worth learning Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

During my three years at Lasell, I have been in many wonderful classes where I
learned the technical crafts of writing, editing, critical thinking, and other important
skills for my future career. Don’t get me wrong, these classes have provided me
with so much, but they have always lacked something. Philosophy.

I didn’t know I was lacking in this area of life and learning until I was presented
with it and that presentation came in an unlikely place: an Honors class. This Honors course, Compassion and Civility, with Professor Salam Mir has designated
a section of the syllabus on Buddhist philosophy studying that has been one of the
greatest learning opportunities of my life.

I try to live a positive lifestyle. Since encountering roadblocks and rough times as we all have during points in our lives, I decided that I needed to live a more positive life. Through my approach to this I did my own study on Buddhism. I gained so much to how to look at life happily, focus on the positives, and learn to love not only those around me, but myself. However, this was a personal study.

In Salam’s class we read Buddhist philosophy and comment on it as a group. I
have gained more than words can explain. I have learned how my classmates have
opened their eyes to the world through traveling. How they appreciate the open
minds of people from other places and have opened their hearts from these experiences. I have learned what life means to others, what matters most to them, and how they overcome the obstacles that life paths have given.

Kristina Kaufmann, the Art Director The 1851 Chronicle and a very close friend of mine, is in the class with me and we have spoken outside of class about how
great the discussions are and how more of these discussions need to happen in other classes. Talking about philosophy leads to discussing what really matters in life and leads to topics of ethics.

As we enter the final stages of this school year, as all the stress builds up, and
our time together boils down I cannot help but think about how wonderful it has been to talk about what is really important. While we all have our own goals in life, the goal of everyone’s life is happiness. Sharing discussions on this subject have helped me to understand how to obtain my happiness and help others reach theirs.

I hope you all find your happiness and help someone, a friend or maybe even a
stranger, obtain theirs. Just think about how much better your life, our campus, this city, and maybe even someday the world would be if we could all get there together.

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