Golf club looks for course

Reginah Sanyu – 1851 Staff

As senior Kyle Bruneau was driving to Lasell for the first time, he was pleased to see the college was about two miles from Woodland Golf Club. “I always wondered why we never had a golf team,” said Bruneau. Thoughts of founding a team crossed his mind, but it was not the first team he helped start

Although Bruneau started the Rugby Club in 2009, he was unable to play due to injury. After taking his time to recover, Bruneau thought it was time to start a golf club. After getting the support of President Alexander and approval from Student Activities, Bruneau made the next step and presented the idea to Woodland Golf Club. He was turned down by WGC.

“If we can find a country club that will host us twice a week, that would be a jump-start,” said Bruneau. “The mission of the Lasell College Club Golf Team is to attract outstanding student-athletes who will utilize the lessons available within golf and the pursuit of excellence,” said Bruneau. “Those interested in joining this club have to know a thing or two about golf, although they do not have to be Tiger Woods. You have to know how to play.” The purpose of this club is to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to play golf competitively or socially.

In order to join LCCGT, students must be in good academic and judicial standing with the college. Members must also pay all the dues in a prompt and timely manner.

Dylan Sullivan, a junior who enjoys playing golf, is happy with the start of this club. “It would allow students to engage in activities that encourage [positive] mental and physical health,” said Sullivan. “It would benefit students in business and other fields, as golf is a popular form of negotiation nowadays between companies”.

Although Woodland Golf Club turned him down, Bruneau is not giving up. “We will find a golf course at some point,” said Bruneau. “We will be grateful for whatever golf club accepts us because everything else is all set.”

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