“Here and Nowhere Else” shines Reply

Natalie Kfoury Co-Editor-In-Chief

If any band is deserving of your attention right now, it’s Cloud Nothings. The three-piece alternative rock band with indie, lo-fi, and noise influences is nothing but strong, fresh, and skilled in what they do so well. With 2014’s “Here and Nowhere Else,” the band proves they are a force to be reckoned with and one of the strongest bands out there. This band will be huge.

“Here and Nowhere Else” is Cloud Nothing’s third LP. Following the critical success from “Attack on Memory” (2012) which produced catchy singles like “Stay Useless,” the band took what worked well from the past, improved upon it, and polished everything so well that “Here and Nowhere Else” stands far above their previous work.

Nearly every track off the new album is catchy and enjoyable to listen to. The first single, “I’m Not Part of Me,” is basically perfect from the start. It is the band’s best song out of their entire collection. Lead singer Dylan Baldi excels with lyrics such as “I can’t recall how I was those days anymore / I’m learning how to be here and nowhere else / To focus on what I can do myself.”

“Here and Nowhere Else” surges ahead at breakneck speed. The album is always exciting and always fresh. The songs build off each other fantastically to keep the listener waiting and excited for the next track to begin.

While many tracks may seem angst-riddingly angry and loud at first listen, under the surface they are raw, relentless, and passionate. On “No Thoughts,” Baldi pleads into the microphone over and over again “Say something / it’s supposed to be true.”

They are well known for the rawness of an almost garage rock sound quality which they excel with. On “Here and Nowhere Else” the overall sound is more polished, but that does not make it any less raw, real, or strong than previous albums. If anything, it shows Cloud Nothings have the ability to grow and mature while staying fresh, vibrant, and exciting.

After the strength of “Attack on Memory,” it was hard to see how Cloud Nothings could improve, how they could strengthen. On “Here and Nowhere Else” the band proves they can craft a follow-up that surpasses everything the previous album did so well. Cloud Nothings have nowhere to go but continue strengthening and growing. If anything, they have proven to have the ability to impress and stand out.

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