Students present at Honors conference Reply

Lasell students who participated in the conference visited a Hershey store in Canada. (Photo by Tabatha Torres)

Lasell students who participated in the conference visited a Hershey store in Canada. (Photo by Tabatha Torres)

Krista DeJulio – 1851 Staff

The Lasell Honors Program traveled to Niagara Falls, New York this month to participate in an annual conference showcasing their achievements and work. The conference, known as Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference, had colleges and their Honors Program members from all over the Northeast participate.

Stephanie Athey, Director of Lasell’s Honors program said of the conference, “It is
a deeper kind of symposium experience and students are the key audience.” The conference had a total of 557 people in attendance and Lasell students came prepared.

According to Athey the students rehearsed their presentations three or four times each and memorized each one of their presentations to better connect with the audience better. Athey said, “Our students can really stand tall against these regional colleges for sure. We got to show off what Lasell does best.”

Alaina Eldredge and Colleen Melvin presented their chemistry Honors Component at the poster session. They included an interactive demonstration of blood splatter forensics to show the crime-scene case study they constructed for future forensics students. Hillary Brown presented on the Honors Social Media Team and created a twitter account while on the trip, even live-tweeting all of the Lasell student presentations.

Hayley Kreckler, a resort and casino management major, presented on grass-fed animals. Using the Twitter account the group tweeted a picture of their evening meal asking the conference if the beef was grass-fed using the hashtag “#NRCH2014.”

Students had a great time and Brown said, “This is a free opportunity to connect
with other Honors students and expand your thinking.” Athey said, “It was a great success, really great. It’s great for the program. We are distinctive in a lot of ways.”

Not only was the conference for learning and sharing ideas but was a social outing
and Lasell students had the chance to meet students from other schools. “That was really fun,” Athey said. “The students were stalking each other on Facebook and stuff.” A day was spent in Canada where the group visited the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and other tourist attractions.

“Exploring Niagara Falls in both New York and Canada was fantastic, as was bonding with a new group of students with common interests and values,” said Kreckler.

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