Berube, Graham finish careers Reply

Chris Cohn – 1851 Staff

With the season coming to a close, seniors Donald Berube and Chuck Graham took some time to talk about the men’s lacrosse team and looking forward to the future.

Berube, a defenseman, said the team always has high aspirations and goals going into every season.

“Conference champions or bust, and in my eyes, we have all the talent right in front of us,” said Berube.

Berube has come a long way. Two years ago, he was the starting goalie for the Lasers. After making the transition to defence, he continuously worked on presenting himself as a true leader.

“I [work hard] every day to show these young guys it takes more than practice time to win a championship,” said Berube. “You need to show up early and stay after to improve your game. I am just glad all of them followed my lead.”

In the middle of the season, the Laser’s senior captain Dylan Fernandes withdrew from the men’s lacrosse team. However, Berube made it clear that the team wasn’t about to give up.

“[We] could have packed it in and quit, but not this team,” said Berube. “We are fighters and we have grown as one unit after we introduced new captains, one being Chuck Graham.”

Graham, a senior, has been a big contributor for the Lasers the last four seasons.

“I have 100 percent confidence in the leadership and mentality developed by my team this year,” Graham said.

Graham, like Berube, believes this is the best team they’ve been a part of at Lasell.

“We came together every practice, working harder to become more of a cohesive unit,” said Graham.

Berube collected 22 ground balls in the 16 games he played this season.

Graham scored four goals and tallied an assist for five points on the season.

The pair will be missed by both the team and supporters of men’s lacrosse.


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