Members of the community say farewell to the Class of 2014 Reply

Trish Moran – Area Coordinator

In a few words- I think you are all wonderful people.  Those who know me well know that I tend to say this a lot, but I mean it.   You are some of the most funny, compassionate, and dedicated students I have had the privilege of knowing, and you are a large part of why Lasell continues to impress me.  

I hope that you carry with you your enthusiasm and energy into life post-graduation.   You deserve to be happy, and with this I ask you to never settle.  If you should ever find yourself in a situation or job that is not life-giving for you, then remove yourself.  Create a new happiness for yourself and those around you.  In the words of Drake, “You Only Live Once,” so make the most out of your prized time on this earth– plan weekend trips with your friends, pursue your true vocational passions, and try to make one person’s life just a little bit better each day.

Professor Stephanie Athey – Honors Department and Humanities

Okay, 2014. I admire you. I need you.

Here’s what you’ve taught me with your passion, your goofing, your anger, your unsettling questions:  You are one of the most powerful forces on the planet – everyone wants your consumer dollar, everyone craves your style, information surrounds you, you can create as much media as you receive, you are resilient, you have terrific power (a voice, votes, influence, and big, big spending power—even on credit). This is real muscle in a nation that has incredible impact on many others in the world.  It’s powerful and dangerous and a gift, and you’ve shared it with me. When you question yourself, you learn; when you combine forces, you are invincible. Thank you. My wish for you? When you take a stand, choose wisely, others step up beside you.  When asked to take the lead, insist on collaboration. Please keep in touch and keep me laughing. Your sense of humor is your secret weapon–sharpen it, share it, laugh at yourself, and just keep changing the world.

Professor Michael Laramee – Communications Department

As an instructor who began teaching here four years ago after graduate school, in many ways I feel like I was a freshman along with members of the Class of 2014.  I remember having so many of the communications majors in my first Understanding Mass Media and Intercultural Communication courses, where I was continuously impressed by their interest, eagerness, intelligence, and ultimately their collective abilities to teach me and make me a better educator.  These experiences, many engrossing and mutually educational interactions we have shared since, both inside and outside the classroom, have provided me with countless memories and instilled me with the confidence that the future of many media-related positions will be filled with open-minded, bright, and well-prepared Lasell students.  Just this week a student arrived at class after a job interview which will likely begin a promising career, and it truly made me smile and warmed my heart!  Good luck, Class of 2014!


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