New club hosts kick-off

(From left) Daniel Bloom, Aman Advani, and Dr. James Muller speak at the kick off event for the Entrepreneurship Club. (Photo by Tina Nalepa)
(From left) Daniel Bloom, Aman Advani, and Dr. James Muller speak at the kick off event for the Entrepreneurship Club. (Photo by Tina Nalepa)

Tina Nalepa – 1851 Staff

The Entrepreneurship club, a new addition to the Lasell Community, recently hosted a kick-off event to get business majors involved and interested in entrepreneurship. 

The event took place in de Witt Hall where a large number of students gathered to hear Daniel Bloom, Aman Advani, and Dr. James E. Muller speak about creating and sustaining an entrepreneurship club on campus.

Bloom spoke about his process of finding a job and being persistent when looking. His persistence led him to Venture America, a company generating over 100,000 new jobs in the United States and helping companies expand.

“You have to be persistent to get what you want, people are going to say no more than once, but you have to keep going,” said Bloom.

Bloom said he was not a business major in college but knew he wanted to be part of the company Venture America. After seven essays, one video, an interview, and several people telling him no, he finally got a job working with Venture America and quickly jumped into a vigorous training camp with the company. “It’s not about if your good at business or not. They want you to see how you react to a situation or a problem,” said Bloom.

Bloom more recently co-founded a company in Detroit called Turn-Pro. The company allows an individual to rent out a Go-Pro video-camera for events or trips. Following the event or trip an individual will send back the Go-Pro to the company and the company will create a movie out of the footage. Bloom said: “We want to help someone show an amazing story through video.”

Aman Advani is the president and co-founder of Ministry of Supply. His goal with the company was to help men eliminate barriers created by today’s fashion. With a background in engineering, he created products with advanced materials to be sustainable in any situation. Aman said: “We want to do the basics and we want to do it really well.”

With his concept of basic fashion, he wants men to feel comfortable in what they wear. Part of his job is to travel and communicate with companies, and create space to sell in their stores. Advani said he is ready to share his clothing line with a larger population.

He left the students with the advice to be at the right place at the right time. Advani said: “With Boston being so close and being a city with a market for entrepreneurship, you must reach out and bring people to Lasell to help further your knowledge in the field.”

Nobel prize winner Dr. James E. Muller is the founder of International Physicians for the prevention of nuclear war. Muller came up with this idea after studying abroad in Moscow, where he got exposed to hydrogen bombs in locations such as Red Square. While in Moscow he learned resources, people, and talent are the elements of a good business. Currently, he is the Chief Medicine Officer and Chairman of Infraredx.

Muller said: “I have failed many times before succeeding. It’s trying again and keep going that will make you succeed. Some of my best ideas came from me failing several times.”

After, there was a question and answer session where the speakers and students had the opportunity to display their small business projects around de Witt for the panelists and attendees. President of the entrepreneurship club Rocky Khan said: “We put so much time, effort, and planning into this event that I am happy with the overall turnout and am excited for next year and to top this event, because it exceeded my expectations.”

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