Season three of “GIRLS” was strongest Reply


The cast of "GIRLS." Photo courtesy of

The cast of “GIRLS.” Photo courtesy of

Allison Nekola – Copy Editor

Season three of “GIRLS” eliminates the standard for 20-somethings living luxuriously with perfect hair, skin, and wardrobes. Half of the characters are still unemployed or unhappy with their current professions. They’re still filled with self-doubt, self-pity, and an innocent belief that the destiny they dreamt of as children will be fulfilled. Jaws dropped; toes curled. That’s the realness of “GIRLS.” 

Season three just ended and it was the strongest season to date. Season two left off with Hannah (Lena Durham) going through a mental breakdown, dealing with a severe case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

She opens the third season completely back to health, still quirky and irritating as ever. Marnie (Allison Williams) has gone through the second break-up with her long-term boyfriend, leaving her shattered to the core, and losing mental stability episode by episode.

Jessa (Jemina Kirke) is missing in action, after leaving Hannah to fend for herself while visiting Jessa’s estranged father. She’s introduced in season three at a rehab center in the rural area of New York. Last but not least, is Shoshanna (Zosia Marnet) who has left her “good-girl” persona behind as she experiments sexually in her last college semester.

Unlike other seasons, there were no fillers in any episode. Hannah struggles with her job at GQ magazine, though she is being paid well. The struggle comes from her inability to find herself, not wanting to sellout before she reaches her full potential as a writer.

Meanwhile, Jessa struggles with the lack of adventure in daily life, and dwindles in and out of drug addiction. This plot line leaves the audience hurting for Jessa as she turns to unhealthy habits to fill a void in her life.

Shoshanna begins to find her voice in the group of friends but loses herself when it comes to her studies and following a well-structured plan.

Marnie deals with her breakup in a variety of ways, none of which are healthy or helpful. She lost who she was as a person because she was too dependent on her relationship. No matter what she does she continues living in her own world, halting the growing up process.

Being happy every single day is exhausting and thank god this season validates that. This season presents the idea to the audience that being sad can be normal. If life isn’t going the way you planned, well you’re not the only one.

Kirke stole the spotlight this season. Each time she came onto screen, my eyes were drawn to her presence. Her plot stories weren’t prominent but her acting was and always is unforgettable. Her acting made me feel a connection to her character and the heartfelt way this was portrayed made me accept these connections and even embrace them.

Overall, season three says to its audience, “Life is not always going to be perfect but there’s beauty in every inch.” If you’re a fan of “GIRLS,” preorder season three now. If you haven’t checked the show out, do so immediately so you can get caught up to season three as soon as possible.

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