The senior class reflects Reply

Matt Arias

Lasell College was not a school I always dreamed of attending.  It wasn’t even on my college search radar until early fall of my senior year in high school (2009) when my mom asked me if I had heard of it.  We looked into it and almost four years later, it’s safe to say choosing Lasell was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my young life.

Years from now, when I describe my Lasell experience to people, I will never leave out how I did not feel like an individual, but a member of a rather large family.  The comfort I felt at the school from day one was extremely welcoming and reassuring.  In my eyes, smaller schools have more of a responsibility to cater to individual students since professors do not have as many students in their classes.  Lasell handles this responsibility so well, and I can truly say that I will graduate in sight of my some of my favorite professors who I can now call my friends.

At 22, my whole life is still ahead of me.  Although I cannot predict what life will bring, I feel prepared to take on whatever comes my way, and I can attribute this confidence mostly to my experience at Lasell.

Kelly O’Neill

When applying to colleges as a freshman, the connected learning philosophy drew me to Lasell. Attending a college that embraces this philosophy has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. When studying elementary education, it is important that you know this is a career you want to pursue for the rest of your life, and Lasell acknowledges that. They have given me and every one else in this major the opportunity to be working in a school with young students from freshmen through senior year. Given this experience, I have been able to grow as a student and future teacher. Through their philosophy, Lasell has provided me with all of the necessary skills to be successful in the future.

Alexander Parent

I transferred to Lasell my Junior year after spending two years in Albany, NY at The College of Saint Rose. At Saint Rose, I was a business major and played on the Division II soccer team. My grades were not all that good because soccer was so demanding. Sophomore year I got injured and red shirted. I soon learned that Albany was not the place I wanted to finish my college career or education.  I picked Lasell because of the great sports management program, internship opportunities, and the chance to still play soccer with a competitive team.

With my two years at Lasell, I couldn’t ask for a better time on the soccer pitch. The soccer team has gone 32-8-3 and I played in 36 of the 43 games with 24 starts. We have won the GNAC regular season both years, made the finals of the GNAC and ECAC this year, and broken numerous team and individual program records. My experience playing on the team has been one of the best I have had here. From playing with great players like Mike Skelton, Nerry Guerra, Cedric Dybaud, and others to making good friends like Jared Lewis, Eddie Roman, Manny Alves and more, I couldn’t ask for better coaches on or off the field.

Soccer hasn’t been the only great thing about Lasell for me. Academically, I have learned so much that I can apply to the real world after I graduate. The teachers have been both professional and friend when they need to be. With the help of my teachers like Dr. Thomas and Janice Savitz I was able to not just archive a 3.5 GPA, leading me to GNAC all-academic team,  but also get two internships at Boston College, working at all home varsity sporting events, and Wellesley College, working inside the athletic office. With the help of all my teachers and experiences that Lasell has given me, I am now able to sit back and relax the last couple weeks of school as I now have a job working at Syracuse University athletic department and will also receive my MBA from the University of New Haven.

I couldn’t ask for a better time or a better school then the last two years spent at Lasell. All my experiences with athletics, academics, friendships, and professional development have made me grow as an individual. I look forward to staying in connection with all the great friends I have made during my time here and giving back to the Lasell community in the future.

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