Union St. in Newton gets a five-star review Reply


Allison Nekola – Copy Editor

You won’t be able to locate Union Street at first glance when coming off the T at Newton Centre Station. Slip through the alleyway, following signs pointing in the direction of Café Sol Azteca, and you’ll find Union St. hidden among many buildings.

As you walk inside, the atmosphere is welcoming. Smiling staff are eager to sit you down and begin serving. This was my second experience and the service was equally great each time.

The decision for an appetizer was unanimous: soft pretzels with Sam Adams beercheese ($8.99). I had raved about it the entire ride there and couldn’t wait to see the faces of my guests as they sunk their teeth into the delectable snack. To wash it down, I ordered a Clown Shoes Clementine beer ($5.99). It was crisp with no lingering after-taste.

None of us could stand the thought of wasting any of that delicious cheese, so we kept the rest to finish off with our entrees. By the time they arrived at the table, our eyes had grown as big as our stomachs.

The waitress filled the table with Shanghai Calamari, tender calamari fried and drizzled with sweet Thai chili sauce ($10.99), a California burger made with Monterey Jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and avocado ($12.49), and meatloaf made with ground sirloin and a blend of spices, topped with parmesan mashed potatoes and fried onion straws ($14.99).

I tried all three dishes. Each one had a stand out ingredient. For the calamari it was the Thai chili sauce that gave a sweet kick to the familiar seafood flavor. The avocado and bacon completed one another perfectly over the medium well burger. The sauce on top of the meatloaf exploded flavor onto my taste buds, working nicely with the left over cheese-sauce and mashed potatoes smothered on top.

There were no complaints and this comes from a rather opinionated group of individuals. If you are on a budget, Union Street is the one place you need to go to splurge. Put all that spare change in a jar and use it for your next night out. Union Street delivers five-star service and food.

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